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Who are we?

The Washington Clean Technology Alliance is the largest state cleantech trade association in the nation, representing almost 300 businesses and organizations. Founded in 2007 by business leaders, the WCTA facilitates the generation and growth of cleantech companies, jobs, products, and services in order to advance the state’s position as a leader in cleantech. (History of the Washington Clean Technology Alliance)

WCTA membership gives businesses the tools to grow their cleantech businesses. The WCTA offers a range of business services and benefits uniquely designed to help businesses gain visibility, access services at a lower cost, and benefit from public policy advocacy(see more at Join the WCTA).

What is Cleantech?

Clean technology is a general term for a broad base of processes, practices and tools, in any industry that support a sustainable business approach including pollution control, resource reduction and management, end-of-life strategy, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and carbon mitigation.  To be sustainable and successful, cleantech businesses must be profitable.

Cleantech applies to companies focused on innovations, products, and services that conserve energy and resources, protect the environment, and eliminate waste.  Cleantech companies fall into many categories:

  • Advanced materials and environmental products
  • Alternative fuels
  • Clean energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental remediation and pollution prevention
  • Building efficiency
  • Power storage
  • Smart grid
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation vehicles

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