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Hal Calbom: Lessons From Scandinavia

Below is a link to the presentation made by Hal Calbom of the Sustainable Media Group to the October 16, 2013 “State of the Green” meeting in Spokane.  The meeting was a presentation of Greater Spokane Inc.

Following the Cleantech Study Mission to Denmark and Sweden in October of 2013, Hal summarized the insights that were collected from the study mission.

Find the presentation here.


World’s Largest Wealth Fund Could Invest into Renewable Energy



This week’s release of Norway’s new Government program has included a commitment to consider establishing a mandate for the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) –the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, to invest into renewable energy.

According to Renew Economy, if the fund allocated up to a 5% of its investment into renewable energy-related infrastructure, it could provide $10 billion a year to the green energy investment market from 2015 –making the fund one of the world’s largest single clean energy investors and facilitating a substantial move away from the fossil fuel industry.

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Cleantech Scene in Sweden

The followng is based on a presentation by Magnus Rehn of STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth).

While the need for cleantech investment has become more clear in the minds of many, global venture investment in cleantech dropped 33 percent from 2011 to $9.61 billlion. The number of deals dropped 15%.

The market is large and fragmented. It includes electricity generation, alternative fuels, alternative generation, efficiency, agriculture, water, and many more fields. There will not be a single winner, rather we are likely to see many innovations that provide great value.

Nordic countries are leaders in innovation. Sweden and Denmark are ranked among the highest leaders in commercial innovation in the European Union. These countries are leaders in technology, engineering, and public policy which results innovation leadership.

Swedish investment in cleantech has also dropped. Earlier investments were made too early and the market adjusted with the lack of success. The market now has many high quality opportunities with fewer investors engaged. This means that the time is right to reenter this investor market.

Following Mr. Rehn’s comments, several Swedish companies discussed their efforts.

ClimaCheck uses an algorthm to analyze cooling processes and reduce costs by up to twenty percent. They have a customer in Portland, Oregon.

Svenska Aerogel creates aerogels that may have a large impact on construction. Aerogels has excellent insulation value and the company believes they can cut standard production costs by ninety percent.

ChromoGenics is a smart windows play that can reduce cooling energy consumption by 20-40 percent through roll-to-roll production.

Chromafora is working on the efficient use of phosphines.

Ecospark has developed a patented lighting technology in a market of nearly $50 billlion. The product has high intensity and a lower cost.

Biorecro removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the BECCS sequestration process. It is being used in Illinois and is being developed at multiple sites.


Visit to a Danish Cleantech Incubator

In our second meeting of the first day of our trip, we visited a Danish incubator outside of Copenhagen. We heard four company pitches from startups..

FOM Technologies licenses technologies from universities to develop products. They are focusing on functional organic materials used in soar technologies, coating, printing, and characterization equipment.

INNOPower is a Danish startup working on developing street light controls to improve energy efficiency and safety.

Lithium Balance is developing battery managment system controllers for electric vehicles, machines, and power storage.

Bikway creates temporary bike tracks to demonstrate the potential of improved bike trails in communities. The cost of these tracks can be 60% less than raised asphalt.


2013 Cleantech Trip to Denmark and Sweden

The WCTA, working with the Northwest Energy Angels, is planning a study mission to Copenhagen and Stockholm.  The event is planned for October 11-19, 2013.  The Trade Development Alliance is the organizer.  A maximum number of 25 people will participate.

If you are interested in participating, your input now will help us plan.  Please contact A Boungjaktha at the Trade Development Alliance at 206.389.7301.

This is a follow up to the spring 2012 mission to China, which was a great success.  We are told that many of the participants on the China trip have already signed on for this event.

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