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The Washington Clean Technology Alliance is a statewide corporate trade association dedicated to helping advance businesses in the cleantech sector. The WCTA offers a range of benefits uniquely designed to provide our members with advocacy, networking, information, business services, connections, and visibility.

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Membership Benefits


NEW MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT: We have a new member benefit courtesy of our partners at the Trade Development Alliance. The WCTA has participated in several International Trade missions with the Trade Development Alliance and we are planning more.  They are extraordinary.  In addition, the TDA puts on a monthly networking event free to their members and they produce over 60 international programs a year. To celebrate our partnership, we are offering current WCTA members a special offer to join the Trade Development Alliance. Find out more by clicking here.

As a public policy advocate, the WCTA is the only unified voice of the cleantech business sector to public policy makers on issues concerning the development of the sector.  We work with educational  institutions, workforce development councils, and members to address the needs of the sector and advocate for policies that are supportive of cleantech businesses, jobs, and products on city, regional and state levels. Members participate in the WCTA Government Affairs Committee to analyze and determine policy positions which are approved by the WCTA Board of Directors.

The WCTA produces events designed to enhance business networks and to inform and educate its membership, policymakers and citizens. The Events Committee is comprised of WCTA members.

WCTA is the hub for cleantech news, information, and resources in Washington State.  We work with members to provide expert sources for the media, policy makers, and investors. The WCTA maintains an online directory of our membership designed to increase traffic to our members’ websites.

Our events, communications, and contacts are designed to constantly put members together with the collaborators, investors, government officials, customers, and vendor that help them grow and be successful.


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  • WCTA Health Trust:  The WCTA Health Trust now boasts over 150 participating companies insuring approximately 2,000 members. Insurance through the Health Trust provides exclusive advantages such as a wide array of administrative services, as well as highly competitive group rates through contracts with the largest and most respected insurance carriers in the state of Washington.

Benefits of joining the Washington Clean Technology Alliance Health Trust include:

  • Competitive prices through “large group” buying power
  • Consolidated billing and eligibility services
  • Comprehensive benefits for employers with as many as 199 employees
  • COBRA administration at no additional cost
  • Electronic fulfillment including plan booklets, summaries, and forms
  • Wellness programs that can increase productivity and lower absenteeism, which can have a direct impact on the cost of providing healthcare benefits

“When we decided to make the switch to a group plan, we were looking for quality coverage that we could afford.  Many group plans are very expensive, but as a WCTA member, we found a plan with solid overall benefits and competitive pricing. We’re glad we made the switch.  Our employees are covered with substantial savings to our bottom line.”

- John Williams, President & Founder of Scoville Public Relations.

Contact Nathan Edmondson for more information.
(206) 892-9576

  • Garvey Schubert BarerAdviceOnline® Human Resource System: Created by Garvey Schubert Barer attorneys, AdviceOnline is designed to provide HR professionals and in-house legal counsel with practical tools they can rely on to help solve their HR problems and help reduce legal risks. In addition, it provides resources including basic HR “dos and don’ts,” conducting interviews, and documenting and resolving employee issues. WCTA members are eligible to access a complimentary basic version or a dramatically reduced premium subscription.

Contact Diana Shukis for more information.
(206) 816-1475

  • 9SLIDES9SLIDES:  9SLIDES is a cloud based presentation platform, which allows users to create, deliver and measure presentations with a remote audience, anytime, anywhere. Trusted by users across the globe, 9SLIDES has partnered with Microsoft and serves many small, medium and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Contact Ruchit Garg for more information.

  • Keeney logoKeeney’s Office Supplies:  Keeney’s Office Supplies offers WCTA members a premier package with a heavily discounted pricing plan.  Normally only very large companies would benefit from such a pricing structure but WCTA members are eligible regardless of size.

Contact Susan Rigone for more information.
(425) 285-0477

Board Membership
Executives of member organizations are elected to the  WCTA Board of Directors.

Who Should Join the WCTA?

  • Core Businesses: Businesses offering cleantech products or services with a presence in Washington.
  • Supporting Businesses: Businesses that provide services to cleantech companies that have a presence in Washington.
  • Academic and Research Institutions: Academic and research institutions that offer programs or conduct research and development in cleantech.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations whose missions are compatible with the WCTA.
  • Public Sector: Local, state, and federal government agencies with activities or missions associated with the cleantech sector.

Membership Dues

The WCTA membership year runs from September 1 through August 31.  New members should pro-rate their payments for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Platinum Leaders:

  • Businesses and organizations that are key sector leaders.
  • They provide the highest level of leadership and support for the cleantech sector and the WCTA.
  • Platinum Members may be represented on the Board and are recognized in WCTA communications.
  • Annual Dues:  $10,000

Gold Leaders:

  • Businesses and organizations that are sector leaders.
  • They provide important leadership support for the cleantech sector and the WCTA.
  • Gold Members may be represented on the Board and are recognized in WCTA communications.
  • Annual Dues:  $5,000

Small Businesses and Organizations:

  • $100 per employee up to twenty employees.
  • Minimum Annual Dues: $250


  • Businesses and organizations that have a presence in the cleantech sector in Washington State.
  • Annual Dues:  $2,000

Events & Meetings