Clean Energy Leadership Council

The Washington Clean Energy Leadership Council (CELC) set out to conduct an in-depth analysis of what Washington State government and industry could do to grow the clean energy sector and promote economic development and green job creation in Washington.  The CELC was dedicated to developing a long-term strategy for leveraging skills, knowledge, and assets to power the transition to the clean energy economy.  The group was formed by passage of Senate Bill 5921, which was signed into law by Governor Gregoire in 2009. The Council submitted its recommendations and final report to the Governor and the Legislature on Jan. 19, 2011.  Included were the following:

Economic Research

Muro, Mark; Rothwell, Jonathan; and Saha, Devashree.  Sizing The Clean Economy:  A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment, July 13, 2011.  By Muro, Rothwell, and Saha with the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, Brookings (Metropolitan Policy Program).

Prosperity Partnership, Regional Economic Strategy for the Central Puget Sound Region, 2012.  The Regional Economic Strategy is a strategic blueprint to ensure the Puget Sound region’s long term sustainable economic prosperity.  It outlines the Prosperity Partnership’s initiatives for improving the five foundation areas of the economy:  Education and workforce development, business climate, entrepreneurship and innovation, infrastructure, and the quality of life.  Each foundation has a set of strategies:  There are over two dozen strategies to achieve the region’s economic development goals.  The Economy Report assesses industry cluster and foundational issues associated with successful economic development strategies and creates a context for understanding the central Puget Sound’s competitive position relative to peer regions.  Industry clusters include: Aerospace, Business Services, Clean Technology, Information Technology, Life Science and Global Health, Maritime, Military, Philanthropies, Tourism and Visitors, and Transportation and Logistics.  Find WCTA Board Member Chris Endresen Scott’s report to the WCTA Board of Directors here.

State of Washington.

Original Research

Coppedge, Lynn, and Meyer, Joe.  Applying Research to the Market:  An Overview of Technology Transfer in Washington State.  August 2012.  PDF Version.

Flavin, Kevin.  Student at The Evergreen State College.  An Analysis of Past and Current Cleantech Legislation in Washington State, 2013.

Prentice, Jon.  Technological Revolutions through the Ages:  Lessons for Leading the Cleantech Revolution.  A research paper for Business 485: Business Leadership and the Liberal Arts.  Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, University of Puget Sound, 09 May 2012.  Pdf version.

Prentice, Jon.  The State of Clean Tech and Venture Finance in Washington.  Summer 2010.  PDF VersionPowerPoint.

Ranken, J. Thomas.   Is Natural Gas Really the Next Big Thing?  A Washington Clean Technology Alliance White Paper, July 2012.  Pdf version.

Ranken, J. Thomas.  U.S. Petroleum Dependence and Energy Alternatives.  University of Washington MBA Master’s Thesis, 1981.

Petroleum Supply and Demand:  A Review and Analysis

Energy Options:  A Survey of Alternatives to Imported Petroleum

Summary and Policy Conclusions

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